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Hello and welcome to Sun Life Financial! This site has been specially designed for you to submit donation or sponsorship requests to Sun Life Financial Quebec.

Be sure to read our guidelines for donations and sponsorships on our website before submitting your funding request.

Please be aware that we choose partners in Quebec aligning with our three philanthropic areas, i.e., financial education / home economics, prevention of diabetes and its complications, and access to Quebec arts and culture.

We also sometimes support organizations related to our business, in areas of insurance, investment, finance or securities.

This site is owned and operated by SPONSORIUM. All information gathered on behalf of Sun Life Financial is kept confidential. For technical support, please contact SPONSORIUM by email at or by telephone at 514-393-8767 or 1-877-776-6767.

Please note:

  • All requests received will be reviewed and processed on a confidential basis within 6 to 8 weeks.
  • All requests must be submitted on this site. Requests received by telephone, email or regular mail will not be considered.
  • If you are requesting a donation, you must have a charitable registration number from the Canada Revenue Agency.


  • If you wish to submit several different requests (e.g., Major Sponsor, Secondary Sponsor, etc.), please complete a separate request for each option.
  • If you are a Sun Life Financial advisor, speak to your financial centre manager about the Market Development Fund.

You may wish to print the form before completing it on line.

Thank you for your interest in Sun Life Financial!

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